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At some point I'll do those two posts that I need to do. Until then, another meme!!!

Name ten 5 reality stars you wouldn't kick out of your bed. No particular order.

Not going to lie, some of you are going to hate this list

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Rufus Wainwright in DC

Okay, so these videos are a bit old (From December 23rd of 2007), from the first show that Rufus Wainwright did for his current tour. It's solo, so its just him and his piano.

I was up really close, so I figured I should share my videos after asking a couple members here.

He messes up quite a bit in these songs, but he has fun with it.

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peewee tape

I want my money, bitch!

You guys, this is the BEST VIDEO EVER.

The little girl is Pearl, the director of Anchorman and Talladega Night's daughter. He also directed this scene. :D This is sooooo fucking funny.


Gah how many times do I have to post this video before I find one that HASNT been taken down.

This one should work.


or I'll cry :(