Russian Roulette is not as fun without a gun... (boogabooga_xx) wrote,
Russian Roulette is not as fun without a gun...


At some point I'll do those two posts that I need to do. Until then, another meme!!!

Name ten 5 reality stars you wouldn't kick out of your bed. No particular order.

Not going to lie, some of you are going to hate this list

1) Jeffery Sabelia, Project Runway 3. He's adorable, and I'm sorry, no matter what anyone says, he deserved to win.

2) Marcel Vigneron, Top Chef 2. Again, I love this man. Nerdy, quirky, complete idiotic genius.

<--aww from his RAAAAAAAP

3) Ace Young, American Idol 5. Nnnnggggggg.

4) Mig Ayesa, Rock Star INXS. DO ME NAO. PLEASE. COME ON.

5) Daniel Vosovic, Project Runway 2...he's straight sometimes, right?

6) Marty Casey, Rockstar INXS. HOLY SHIT. God he was brilliant. His cover of "hit me baby one more time" was brilliant.


That's all I could think of. I am not a big fan of reality television as a whole. And personalities really mean something to me--so some people have been left off this list despite me thinking they are very hot.
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